Our services

The NBT Ltd team has years of experience in providing services for system analysis, design, development, integration and implementation of software solutions. It includes specialists in project management, software architects / engineers / designers, system analysts and qualified developers. Whether you need a complete solution or an expert to participate in the project as part of your team, NBT can provide the necessary resources. We perform these services by controlling costs while improving the efficiency and the security, assisting our clients to improve profitability and release valuable capital, providing long-lasting and measurable improvements in productivity of physical, financial and human assets. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our services, which are known as a guarantee for successful project and the shortest way achieving the set goals.

Software development

NBT Ltd specializes in the development of aimed software solutions that improve business processes, optimize resource use and modernize the customer’s organization. Our practice in software development provides applications, designed to include any aspect or feature that is necessary. In our work we use USDP (Unified Software Development Process) - an iterative and incremental professional standard for software development. Throughout the whole process we document using UML (Unified Modeling Language). The continuous improvement of the methodology for software design and development has made our specialized software solutions stable and adaptive. The quality of the developments is guaranteed by the implemented in the company quality management system ISO 9001:2015


NBT Ltd provides regular maintenance of all its products, which:
- Help on the spot to eliminate problems and restore the normal operation of the system
- Help in identification of new requirements
- Assistance in solving specific software cases, related to the operation of the system.

The clause in our contracts regarding the response time at the client on the spot is up to 8 working hours from the time of the call. But usually the specialists of NBT SA respond within 2 to 4 hours.

As part of our solutions are related to the changes in legislation and from there and changes in the requirements NBT Ltd offers subscription for evolution, which contains changes and adjustments in response to occurred regulatory changes within the functional structure of the solution.


We guarantee our clients the attention and understanding of their information problems. Our consultants performs:

- Business modeling and optimization of business processes
- System analysis and requirements definition
- Design of software systems, including databases

Our consulting services are based on a systematic approach to understand the business problems, resulting in practical recommendations and executable plans. The value of our services is based on the fusion of business knowledge (knowledge of subject area), deep technological expertise and know-how accumulated for more than 20 years of successful projects.

Project management

Effective and successful management of each project and the management of several projects simultaneously, are inconceivable without the proper planning of cost, time and resources, monitoring and control of real money spent and the workload of the project participants, making substantiated and timely decisions.

We are working on a project basis, and management activities of each project are carried out by a highly qualified project manager.

We apply modern principles and standards for project management and compliance best practices, such as
- participate in defining the object and scope of the project, in activities at its start and management, and supervision and execution of individual tasks;
- create, build and manage a project team through stronger leadership, communication and organization of work;
- plan, control and effectively manage the project scope, time for implementation, the project budget and quality of implementation
- communicate daily with all levels of the organizational structure of the project and all participants;
- define the problems and risks for the project implementation and create procedures to reduce their negative impact;
- periodically evaluate the status of the project, using modern methods of evaluation and control.